Home Safety: Are You Locking Your Doors?


Prevention is the Key to Keeping your Home Safe

Prevention is the first of the Three P’s of Personal Safety. When you employ preventive measures, the bad guy may not even see you and leave you alone. Think safety! If he does see you, a good preventive barrier will make him decide that you are not worth the trouble.

Lock Your Doors Every Time You Leave the House

The first step of home safety is locks. Locks are great barriers. How many of you religiously lock your doors every time you go out? That’s an absolute must, even if you live out in the country. Opportunistic bad guys commit many burglaries and break-ins. In a large number of home invasions, the bad guys just entered through an unlocked door.

Burglars are Opportunists – A Lesson Learned

I’m reminded of the story I heard about one Fourth of July. The Bradley family (name changed) went down the street to their neighborhood’s annual celebration. They were just down the street, enjoying the festivities with the rest of their neighbors. After the fireworks, they arrived home to find every valuable they owned in their house gone! They were robbed. A neighbor who did not go to the party told them later that they saw a van pull up and a couple of guys went to the front door, opened it, and walked in. The neighbor thought it was movers, or someone authorized to repair or move some of their things. They didn’t think twice about it. In retrospect, the home owners guessed that the guys in the van knew about the party down the street. They came with their van and tried the doors. They must have gone into the first house with doors unlocked and helped themselves. The Bradleys didn’t think to lock the doors because they were just down the street.

Burglars are lazy and will rob the house that is most easy to enter, and the easiest is when you leave the doors unlocked. The same goes for locking your door when you are home as well. You don’t want to be woken by a burglar while you are napping or working in the back office. Make sure to keep your doors locked. The best locks in the world are no good if you don’t use them!

What about Home Security Systems?

With more than 2 million home intrusions reported each year in the US, studies have shown that you have a better chance of avoiding a home burglary if you have a security system. Is it worth the money and which one would you use? While we don’t recommend any particular system, we suggest that you do the research to determine if a system would be right for your situation. One place to look is at Reviews.com where they have analyzed over 40 home security systems by consulting with law enforcement, surveying homeowners, and personally calling the top finalists to test out the quotes process. Check out http://www.reviews.com/home-security-systems/, a great place to start if you are considering a home system.

Create New Safety Habits

But in the meantime, create a new habit today – especially during the holiday season, when valuables can be in plain view under your Christmas tree. Think safety! Check on your locks now. In conclusion, make it a habit to lock them when you come in as well as when you go out and you lessen your chances of a burglary!

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